Lord Bubuza has really given me a reason to be happy. My husband left me 2 years ago because we were married for 8 years and i was unable to conceive and bear him children. Several times he will take me to the hospital for checkup and the doctor will say i am medically okay but after having sex with my husband i will still not be pregnant and this made my husband to run away from home for months. I was confuse and started seeking solutions when i came across how Lord Bubuza has helped people so i hurriedly contacted him and he assure me that he will help me. I did all he asked me to do and went back home to search for my husband luckily  i found him and i begged him to give me a second chance which he accepted and that night we both slept and had sex 1 month later i became pregnent and just a week ago i gave birth to a set of twins. I really do not know how to thank Lord Bubuza enough for his help.My husband loves me more than before and we are living happily with our babies.

I have never seen a man as kind, wonderful, caring and helpful like Lord Bubuza. I am a living testimony of his wonderful work and i have made a vow to my self that i will testify about him as long as i live. My wife told me that she needs a divorce despite all the caring and attending i gave her, i tried to begged her but she refused and went ahead with the divorce and ever since then i did not see her again so as i was browsing throw the internet i came across testimonies of people that Lord Bubuza has help so i contact him and he told me that a man cast a spell on my wife that was why she left me but i should not worry because he will help me destroy the spell cast on her and my wife will come begging within 12 to 16 hours. I did not believe him but to my greatest joy at exactly 13 hours my wife came to me fell on her knees and started crying that she did not know what happen to her and that i should forgive and accept her back which i gladly did and even since then we have been living happily

I want to let the world know about Lord Bubuza the great spell caster that has put a smile on my face by bring my man back and also help us win a lottery. Six month ago my boyfriend told me it was over between us and kept avoiding me, each time i call his phone he will say he know i love him and he love me too but he just can not continue the relationship because he has find someone else. I did all i could to make him come back but nothing happened until i came across Lord Bubuza and seek his help. I did all that Lord Bubuza told me to do and he assured me that my boyfriend will call me and beg for my forgiveness. 16 hours later my boyfriend called me and said he was coming to see me so i waited, when he came immediately he fall on his kneess crying and begging me to forgive him I was filled with joy and the i realize that Lord Bubuza is like a God on earth so i made a vow to my self that i will let the world know about him

What would i have done to get my husband back if not for the help of Lord Bubuza.I was in totally confusion when my husband Divorce me and said he was tired of me, my life was nothing without him and i tried all i could to make him cancel the divorce but he said his mind was made up and so we have to go our separate ways. i was crying in shock,shame and pain when my friend told me how Lord Bubuza help her reunite her broken home with his spell so i hurriedly contacted Lord Bubuza and he told me that my husband will come back to me begging me to accept him back.12 to 16 hours later my husband called me on phone crying and begged me to forgive him. At first i thought i was dreaming until he came to the house begging and i quickly forgave him

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